Leadership Shifts at Salvage Vanguard Theatre, Austin



Salvage Vanguard Theater announces a transition in leadership.



As the organization expands in exciting new directions in the coming years, SVT invites interdisciplinary artist and producer Kate Taylor to serve as the Executive Artistic Director of Salvage Vanguard Theater. Taylor, a long time Austin creative, is a passionate and community driven performer, devising artist, educator, and administrator. She is a company member with Glass Half Full Theatre and The Hidden Room and has worked with many Austin luminaries including most recently Heloise Gold and paper chairs.

Kate Taylor shares these thoughts as she steps into her role at the helm of SVT:
Jenny Holzer's words, "Rejoice! Our times are intolerable," ring in my brain daily. At times they clamor in doleful submission to the brutality of reality, and at other moments, they sing as an anthem and reminder to push above and beyond the noise. The vehicle that makes the latter bright, loud, and possible is the making. It is the showing up. It is the cultivation of a practice that defies the pressures of perfection without detracting from commitment to reflection and growth's continuance; dedication that embraces the mess and learns from it in order to navigate the path forward.
I’m honored to serve Salvage Vanguard Theater, an organization that champions adventurous work, supports artists, prioritizes access in a way that ensures the right of individuals to tell their own story. I’m eager to forge partnerships across disciplines and the larger community. I am excited to uphold and expand SVT’s legacy of dedication to new, experimental work as well as the responsibility of generating conversation and artistic exchange.  I’ll strive to cherish the wisdom of what’s worked and also be ready to rip up the template when necessary. I will commit to facilitating creative space in which we can examine ourselves and the world; the dissonance, the noise, the joy, the absurdity, the tenderness. Please join me in moving onward with rigor, humor, and sincerity. May we endeavor to grow, connect, and rejoice with renewed tenacity and an enlivened curiosity about what’s possible as we combat all that is intolerable.

photograph by Marshall Tidrick
Current co-Producing Artistic Directors Jenny Larson and Diana Lynn Small will transition to Company Members with SVT. Both women will continue to be a part of SVT’s artistic future. Larson working on Casta by Adrienne Dawes, and Jay Byrd’s Fumbling For the Knob. Small returning to premiere her site-specific work House Play.
Join the SVT family at the Dougherty Arts Center for their next live performance offering. The Works Progress Austin development of Henna Chou’s 噢哦! 噢哦: Slow Roll, on June 22nd starting at 7pm. Slow Roll is an experimental music presentation with elements of light and visual creations organically integrated as part of an abstract score. Admission is free, and tickets are available at the door, or on-line. More information at salvagevanguard.org