Rebuilding the Randy Wilson Stage -- in Mid-Season, The Theatre Company, Bryan, February, 2019


All The World's A Stage


(photo by The Theatre Company)


It's tough to say what the most important part of the theater is.  Without actors, what is there to watch? Without an audience, why perform at all? But both need one thing: a stage for the performers to put on a show for their audience. Last year we renamed our stage in memory and honor of our longtime artistic director, Randy Wilson. We couldn't think of a more fitting tribute than to put his name on the (arguably) most important part of the theater.

Early last year we decided that the Randy Wilson Stage was in need of a long overdue makeover. Warped boards, soft spots, and more layers of paint than you can count had taken their toll.  After serving our cast and crews for over twenty years the board of directors approved funding to rebuild the stage. The search began to find a contractor to reenergize the magic that TTC provides on stage. After multiple searches, we contracted Houston-based Bauer Sports Floors, a professional stage building company.

The timing of the stage rebuild was challenging. They needed three weeks to rebuild and we were full of performances for the year. As they say: the shows must go on!  We settled on December 24 through January 12 to undertake the project (just two days before My Fair Lady auditions).

All went to plan...until they pulled the stage off. And just like a box of chocolates, you don’t know what you got until you bite into it! The platform underneath was in such a worn-out condition, it was determined the entire substructure had to be rebuilt. To avoid a major delay, Bauer Sports Floors agreed to bring in an extra crews and work through the weekends to finish on schedule. The new stage was complete with two days to spare.

With a new substructure, over 100 sheets of three-quarter inch in plywood and topped with Masonite and two coats of black paint, the Randy Wilson Stage is reborn to serve our casts, crews, and audiences for another twenty years or more. Enjoy the show!