Call for Submissions: Short Opera and Art Song Competitions, One Ounce Opera, Deadline September 1, 2017

2017-18 Fresh Squeezed Ounce Series Competition for Art Song and Opera



( and librettists: We’d like to formally invite you to submit work to our 2017-18 Fresh Squeezed Ounce Series Competition. Winning pieces will be produced and performed by One Ounce Opera in Austin, Texas.


This will be the 3rd annual FSO-Opera, and the 2nd annual FSO-Art Song. These events are part of One Ounce Opera’s “Fresh Squeezed Ounce” series, celebrating new works and contemporary voices. In addition to having their works produced and performed in Austin, One Ounce Opera spotlights each composer/librettist in an informative blog post that includes an informal interview, each work is highlighted in our newsletter and on social media, and each winner receives a live video and audio recording. At each event, composers/librettists who are able to attend will be acknowledged and awarded a certificate (and some swag).


Where can I see the official rules for each competition? Guidelines appear on each entry form. Buttons for each can be found below. Please review the rules in detail before submitting any work. Works that do not fit within the guidelines will not be considered.

When are the performances? FSO-Art Song is November 3, 2017. FSO-Opera is April 6-8, 2018. Free community performances, which include selections from each program, will be announced at a later date.

(photo: Once Ounce Opera)


How do I submit my files? On the entry form, you will supply LINKS to an online folder or files. We must be able to download the score and libretto. For accuracy, please convert all text/score files to PDF before sending. Example of what/where to upload and link to: Dropbox folder, Google Drive, YouTube, SoundCloud, other storage methods that can be accessed via link. The required materials are listed on the form(s).

Am I allowed to submit more than one work? YES! As long as each submitted work follows the guidelines of the individual competition (art song v. opera), we welcome multiple entries.

I submitted an art song and an opera. Could they BOTH be chosen? YES! If you, however, submit more than one art song cycle or micro-opera, it is less likely that more than one of each would be chosen to fill the same program.

How will I know if my work was chosen? Winning works will be announced via Facebook and a post on this site, and the winners will be notified shortly thereafter. Copies of all parts and any revisions will be due at that time. 

How do I keep up with any new developments in the competition? For the latest details, we strongly suggest following One Ounce Opera on Facebook, and adding yourself to the Facebook event page.

Once again, when exactly is the deadline? The hard-and-fast deadline for entry into either FSO-Art Song or FSO-Opera is 11:59pm on September 1st, 2017. Only complete applications — with all required materials received as requested by the deadline — will be considered.

I have a question not answered here. How do I get in touch? Click here to send us a message about the competition!