A Tribute from Gigi Fischer, Hill Country Community Theatre, to Robert Earl 'Bob' Trumbaugh, 1928 - 2017

Robert Earl "Bob" Turnbaugh
October 22, 1928 - April 11, 2017

(via Hill Country Community Theatre)

Gigi Fischer, founder of the Hill Country Community Theatre, wrote the following tribute to Bob:


Bob Turnbaugh the star, the unforgettable performer, the backbone of this theatre, “will tread the boards” in a far better place.  We will miss his humor and cheerful demeanor more than you will know.  Bob was with the theatre from the start.  A founding member, he served on several boards, helping to guide the little group as it grew.


Although never having acted before, he embraced the art form with relish.  He could be found acting in every romantic comedy the theatre produced early on.  He invented what we called “tap dancing” - not the soft shoe variety he performed with Jerry Long, but a patter of speech, never read in the script, to keep the show moving until he remembered his line.  This so endeared him to audience members, that any show with Bob was a sellout.


Bob and Melissa Rowe shared roles in many of these shows; a team that worked hard at their skills and always brought great entertainment to the theatre.  Remember “Love Letters”?  Melissa recalls her favorites, “The Nerd” and “Actors Nightmare.”


Bob was a valuable volunteer that you could find delivering posters or stamping and stuffing mail.


Although Bob never tap danced through Shakespeare, I will finish with a quote from “Hamlet”, “GOOD NIGHT, SWEET PRINCE, AND FLIGHTS OF ANGELS SING THEE TO THY REST.”