Uvalde Grand Opera House

The Uvalde Grand Opera House was built in 1891, and is the second oldest opera house in the state of Texas. It was designed by architect B. F. Trester, the same architect that designed the previous courthouse in Uvalde, and the courthouse that still stands in Bandera, Texas. The Uvalde Grand Opera House was the last building he designed before his death in February of 1891, just months before the Opera House was completed and opened in the same year.


The building passed through several hands until 1917, native Uvaldean and former Vice President John Nance Garner purchased the building from F. A. Piper. He made the corner room into his office and positioned his desk chair in the windows of the turret so that he could watch over his hometown. Even when he served under President Franklin D. Roosevelt in Washington, Garner maintained his office here at the Opera House.


In 1978, the Garner Estate sold the Opera House to the City of Uvalde for $10.


In 1979, a commission was formed to raise funds to renovate the Opera House and return it to its former glory. The Opera House was officially re-opened in 1982 and was the center stage of Uvalde once again! Hosting dozens of plays, musicals, and a variety of other shows, the Opera House was once again a part of the community and way of life in Uvalde.


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Opera House Manager: Caitlin Visel

Program Coordinator: Camille Jefcoat

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Uvalde Grand Opera House
104 W North Street
Uvalde, TX, 78801