Theatre Network of Texas

History of Theatre Network of Texas, Inc.

A statewide network of theatres

Between 1971 and 1979, a group of theatre volunteers identified 129 existing theatres in Texas, including community and professional theatres.

In 1980, Enid Holm became Executive Director with office space at Midland Community Theatre (MCT.) In 1985, TNT relocated to Fort Worth to provide a more central location for its statewide services. A Quad structure was developed, based on dividing Texas into four geographical areas. Mrs. Holm retired in 1995.

New ideas, expanded programs and services

In 1995, Linda Lee assumed the role of Executive Director. Expanded programs during her tenure listed in chronological order:

1995 – Multicultural Initiatives Summer Theatre Paid Internship Project.
1996 – TNT POPS! A new play project.
1996 – The TNT Youth Conference was added as an annual event.
1997 – Partnership with Tickets To The City providing free online ticketing to members.
1997 – The Script Lending Library was created.
2010 – The TNT Virtual Warehouse began.
2013 – The Texas Playwriting Hall of Fame was established.
2016 – The inaugural year for the Fort Worth Fringe Festival
2016 – The Marilyn Pool Allen Directing Scholarship was established.

New Leadership, New Visions

In 2017, Ms Lee retired and Dennis Yslas became the Executive Director and has taken on the task of addressing present and future needs of Texas theatres. Mr. Yslas is committed to moving the organization forward and identifying ways to keep the organization relevant moving into the future.

New Name, Larger Ambitions

In September 2021, a quorum of the membership met to vote on a proposed name change to the organization. The membership approved, and Texas Nonprofit Theatres, Inc. became Theatre Network of Texas, Inc. Its vision still to serve theatres throughout Texas, but with a more welcoming name for theatres and theatre adjacent companies throughout Texas.

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Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in Texas Nonprofit Theatres, Inc. For any questions you may have, please email us at and will will be happy to respond as soon as possible. Please note our office number and call forwarding extensions here. If we are not available to answer your call, please leave a voicemail with a callback number and we will get back with you shortly.

(as of February, 2022)

1300 Gendy St Ste 262
Fort Worth, TX 76107-4036



Executive Director, Dennis Yslas – Ext. 104

Programs Manager, Preston Isham – Ext. 102