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Review: The Screwtape Letters by touring company

Review: The Screwtape Letters by touring company

by Michael Meigs
Published on February 26, 2013

McLean creates a Screwtape who's certainly larger than life. The odd but imaginative set depicts a credibly comfortable afterlife for the evildoer, and McLean's gestures, blocking and vocal treatment convey his great relish for the text.

Max McLean certainly looked the part of Screwtape, the senior demon imagined by C.S. Lewis for his 1942 epistolary Christian novela The Screwtape Letters Portly and with an untidy mane of graying hair, comfortably elegant in a red quilted dressing gown, he was the picture of a sybaritic Victorian gentleman at home in his study with attendant hissing demon.   Attendant demon? Well, yes; one imagines that as a relatively senior member of the administration of Our …

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