Past Auditions with Overtime Theater

Auditions for Pirates vs. Ninjas, by Overtime Theater, San Antonio
Jul. 09 - Jul. 10

The Pirates and the Ninjas have been rivals for generations! But when a pirate and …

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Auditions for GHOSTING, by Overtime Theater
Apr. 29 - Apr. 30

After the death of his husband Todd, Jeffrey, a middle-aged man, hires Brandon, a struggling …

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Auditions for The Revend Paul(i) Murray, by Overtime Theater, San Antonio
Apr. 29 - Apr. 30

Pauli Murray's queerness is brought to the forefront of her identity as Kalina, a student, …

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Overtime Theatre San Antonio Auditions for Male Actor (18-28) for Two-Person RomCom JUST FRIENDS; April 10, 2022
Apr. 10

One man. One woman. Best friends. They have one thing in common: They’ve watched a …

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Auditions for The Back-Porch Gang, by Overtime Theater
Apr. 02 - Apr. 03

One summer morning residents at a retirement complex wave at cars to see if they …

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Auditions for Just Friends, by Overtime Theater
Mar. 26 - Mar. 27

Auditions for a role in Just Friends with Overtime Theater on Mar 26 through Mar 27.

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Auditions for Beneath the Surface, by Overtime Theater
Jan. 22 - Jan. 23

Beneath the Surface: Two back-to-back stories where discovering what lies below can lead to salvation …

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Overtime Theatre San Antonio Seeks Female Singer age 40-60 for Upcoming Show CESAR'S PALACE; Rehearsals Began January 17, 2022
Jan. 18 - Jan. 25

From ATAC Award Winner Dan Timoskovich (RIDE: The Musical) and Meaghan Setterbo, comes a new …

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Auditions for Cesar's Palace, by Overtime Theater, San Antonio
Dec. 04 - Dec. 05 (2021)

From ATAC Award Winner Dan Timoskovich (RIDE: The Musical) and Meaghan Setterbo, comes a new …

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Auditions for Einstein Is Wrong about Everything, by Overtime Theater, San Antonio
Nov. 27 - Nov. 28 (2021)

  The year is 1956, and Princeton autopsist Thomas Harvey just decided to steal Einstein's …

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Additional Auditions for Christmas Chums, by Overtime Theater, Thursday, October 28, 2021
Oct. 24 - Oct. 28 (2021)

Christmas Chums is based on the unofficial Christmas Day truce between British and German soldiers …

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Auditions for Overtime - Golden Age (Radio Scripts), by Overtime Theater
Jul. 24 - Jul. 25 (2021)

“Overtime: Golden Age” brings 3 classic radio tales to life on the stage! Agatha Christie, …

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Auditions for Dream A Little Dream, by Overtime Theater, San Antonio
Jun. 12 - Jun. 13 (2021)

Judy wakes up one morning to find her home is no longer hers... as she …

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Auditions for Big Sister, by Overtime Theater, San Antonio
Mar. 07 - Mar. 08 (2020)

Sisters Amy and Erin are bad at dating, until Erin gets the perfect match on …

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Auditions for A Way Forward, by Overtime Theater
Jan. 26 (2020)

A small community reels when members of it experience sexual assault. And they deal with …

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Auditions for The Hero We Need, by Overtime Theater, San Antonio
Jan. 19 (2020)

The Hero has retired, but trouble returns in the form of a new Villain in …

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Auditions for Twelfth Night, by Overtime Theater, San Antonio
Dec. 14 - Dec. 16 (2019)

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare Adapted and Directed by Emily Fitzgerald      

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Auditions for LoveCraft: The Musical, by Overtime Theater
Aug. 25 (2019)

Late one night in 1937, HP LoveCraft sits dying from cancer. As he completes one …

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Auditions for And Then There Were Some, by Overtime Theater
Jul. 27 - Jul. 28 (2019)

Enid Dobbs, matriarch of a bizarre theatrical family housed in the seedy Briar Rose Theater, …

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Auditions for The Meeting, by Overtime Theater
Feb. 02 (2019)

This eloquent production depicts an imaginary meeting of two of the most important men of …

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Auditions for Frog's Leg by Overtime Theatre, San Antonio
Jan. 05 - Jan. 06 (2019)

Frog’s Leg is a modern-day Midsummer's Night Dream for love-starved frogs, both alien and human …

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Auditions for By Our Hands, by Overtime Theater
Dec. 02 (2018)

Post-apocalyptic future. After a nuclear event destroyed much of the country, militias who had lost …

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Auditions for Gladiators in Love, by Overtime Theater
Nov. 18 - Nov. 24 (2018)

A very sweet, mildly vulgar musical entertainment by Tom Mastiner and Mark Leonard.

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Auditions for Unhappy Campers, by Overtime Theater
Sep. 01 - Sep. 02 (2018)

There’s a killer on the loose at Camp Sunrise.  And possibly another killer.  And likely another one, …

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