Thea's Window to the World
by Overtime Theater

May. 27 (2023)

While stuck at home recovering from an accident, Thea gets to know her neighbor after an unconventional meeting.


The Overtime Theater is seeking performers for its upcoming production of ”Thea's Window to the World” written by Margie Semilof and directed by Jessica Roberts.

Auditions are Saturday May 27th from 1 PM - 4 PM. Actors will be required to cold read from the script. No monologues are necessary for these auditions.

Production dates are weekends July 21st – August 12th plus Sunday matinee(s) to be announced.

ROLES:Thea, 75+, Cis-Female: Angry and independent, a woman accustomed to speaking her mind.

Ophelia, 20s, Non-binary (they): An impatient young person anxious for social change.