Kalalaya Productions

KALALAYA production, a non-profit production company was founded in 2003. Since its inception, it has successfully staged various Tamil stage plays and musicals in various cities of Texas. The dedicated and talented team of actors/creative personalities has produced some memorable performances over the years. So for it has staged 8 stage plays. All the plays are written and directed by the founder Krishna Sankar. In 2009 KALALAYA Production did its first short film (You Can) as part of DirectionFX (film production arm of Kalalaya). Written and directed by Krishna Sankar, it received best positive vision documentary in New York Independent International Film Festival. 

KALALAYA has staged plays in the major cities in Texas (Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin). 

As a non profit organization KALALAYA production has done shows for various charity organizations namely for Care for Children and Art of Living.

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Contact Information

Contact via Krishna Sankar at DirectionFX: directionfx@gmail.com