Past Auditions with Jarrott Productions

CTX3635. Auditions for POTUS, by Jarrott Productions
Mar. 23

JARROTT PRODUCTIONS ANNOUNCES AUDITIONS FOR POTUS (or, Behind Every Great Dumbass Are Seven Women Trying …

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CTX3546. Auditions for Home, I'm Darling, by Jarrott Productions
Dec. 16 (2023)

When Judy sets out to become the perfect 1950s housewife, the Martins are living the …

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In-person and Video Auditions for Deathtrap, by Jarrott Productions
Jul. 20 - Jul. 29 (2023)

Sidney Bruhl, a successful writer of Broadway thrillers, is struggling to overcome a "dry" spell. …

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Auditions for upcoming season, by Jarrott Productions, Austin
Nov. 21 (2022)

Auditions for understudy role in January production of THE SOUND INSIDE and for several roles …

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Auditions for Jarrott Productions
Aug. 17 (2019)

THE NICETIES is an explosive discussion of race, history, privilege, and social justice, and will …

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Auditions for Two Actresses, 60s, for The Children, by Jarrott Productions
Feb. 23 (2019)

Lucy Kirkwood's play The Children is a near-future drama about the aftermath of a catastrophe at a …

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Auditions for For Peter Pan on Her 70th Birthday, by Jarrott Productions
Sep. 15 (2018)

When Ann thinks of her father, she immediately remembers playing Peter Pan in her hometown …

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Jarrott Productions Seeks to Cast Actress 40s-50s for PRODIGAL SON by John Patrick Shanlety
Jun. 12 (2017)

PRODIGAL SON is the passionate, explosive portrait of a young man on the verge of …

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Auditions for The Herd, by Jarrott Productions
Nov. 19 (2016)

It’s Andy’s 21st birthday and preparations for the party are underway at his mother’s suburban London …

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Auditions for The Price, by Jarrott Productions
Feb. 08 - Feb. 09 (2016)

The Price involves two brothers, Victor and Walter, and focuses on the distribution of their dead …

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