News about Hidden Room Theatre

Hidden Room Theatre Named as One of Austin's 2019 Creative Ambassadors
Created on Jan. 26 at 4:19p.m.
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Scholarship, Time Machines and Madness -- John Wilkes Booth's Promptbook for RICHARD III, by Beth Burns, Ransom Center Magazine, May 7, 2018
Created on May. 8 at 11:36a.m.
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Glam Makeover: The Hidden Room's HENRY IV in Austin, by Tarra Gaines, Arts&CultureTexas, September 11, 2017
Created on Sep. 11 at 11:53a.m.
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Beth Burns of Hidden Room Theatre Describes Research at Ransom Center and Process for HOUDINI SPEAKS TO THE LIVING, October 21 - 31, 2016
Created on Sep. 28 at 2:57p.m.
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Archeology of the Stage: Hidden Room Theatre and the Harry Ransom Center, by Cate Blouke, Arts & Culture Texas
Created on Jun. 15 at 12:45p.m.
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Ransom Center Curator on John Wilkes Booth's Promptbook of Richard III (TO BE PRODUCED BY HIDDEN ROOM IN 2016, He Says)
Created on Dec. 18 at 9:17p.m.
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IndieGoGo campaign: Sending Der Bestrafte Brudermord to England
Created on Mar. 7 at 11:37a.m.
A mysterious 18th Century Puppet Hamlet Goes Worldwide !We have … Read more »
Feature & Interview: The Return of the Puppet Hamlet by Travis Bedard at 2 am Theatre
Created on Mar. 4 at 2:18p.m.
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Hidden Room Theatre: Der Bestraffte Brudermord and Lear with a Happy Ending
Created on Feb. 21 at 10:56a.m.
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