ALTA Teatro

ALTA (Austin Latino Theater Alliance) was born 14 years ago with the intention of uniting and supporting the different Latino and Hispanic theater groups in the community. As such, the organization contributed to maintaining the tradition and community production of La Pastorela, a traditional nativity play, and also supported the diverse artistic and cultural projects.

Today, ALTA has been reborn as a community of artists and volunteers who are firmly committed to fostering the development of new talents in the theater arts, promoting collaborative productions among local and international artists, and bringing the highest quality theater to the Austin audiences. 

This commitment stems from a desire to bring Hispanic/LatinAmerican plays and productions whose language, be it Spanish or English, speaks to the universal emotions and beliefs that transcends cultural, social and geopolitical barriers, and which are rooted in the commonality of the human experience. Our work seeks to challenge the preconceptions of what is Latino theater, and become a source of inspiration and redemption that goes beyond activism and folklore. ALTA believes that the art of theatre is a cultural force with the capacity to transform the lives of individuals and society at large.

Our goals are to:

  • Bring quality theater productions to the Austin community
  • Educate and foster an appreciation for the theater arts among the Hispanic and Latino community
  • Serve as an artistic launch pad for local talent
  • Provide practical experience in the theater arts, management and production to future professionals and facilitate their mentorship by seasoned members
  • Preserve, enrich and celebrate the use of the Spanish language as a vehicle of cultural communication and understanding
  • Collaborate and contribute to the success and mission of other community organizations, educational institutions and social service agencies, whose goals are directed towards the betterment of the Hispanic community

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Contact Information

Call (512) 626-8968
Fundraising and volunteer opportunities 

Emma S. Barrientos Mexican American Cultural Center
600 River Street
Austin, TX, 78701