Liberty! Equality! and Fireworks!
by Pollyanna Theatre Company

Aug. 25 - Sep. 01 (2015)

The role is for one of the ensemble members in our upcoming production of LIBERTY!, EQUALITY!, AND FIREWORKS!, our theatrical exploration of the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s.

From Judy at Pollyanna Theate Company - 

I really need to find a great Spanish-speaking actress who has daytime availability. I need someone who can play a role of an upper-elementary school aged student in our fall production. We will be performing Oct. 5-10 at The LBJ Library Auditorium. The rehearsals and performances are all mornings. All actors are compensated. It is a great project, but the woman who played the role last year has moved away and so I find myself needing a replacement fast! 

Contact Judy directly at: and (512) 743-7966