Jacob's Ladder
by Theatre en Bloc

Feb. 17 - Feb. 18 (2015)

In 1944, at the height of World War II, an unassuming young staffer to FDR discovers a Top Secret proposal to bomb the Concentration Camps. Whatever the outcome of the controversial debate, the perception of morality, accountability and assimilation will profoundly alter not only his family, but the world around him as well. With insight, wit and a dash of 1940s panache, JACOB’S LADDER recounts a hero who’s not born, but cornered as he wrestles with the idea that all evil needs to triumph is for good men to do nothing.


COL. WELLES: Male Late 30's - late 40's military man. Actor must have confident British Dialect. 

MORGANTHAU: Male Early 50's - early 60's Secretary of Treasury for FDR. 

PATSY BRADDOCK: Female Late 30's - late 40's assistant to FDR. 


To submit for a time slot and script, please email hello@theatreenbloc.org and we will send you details.

Theatre en Bloc is holding auditions this coming week Tuesday/Wednesday, February 17 and 18, for three parts in our next show, a new play titled JACOB'S LADDER by Dennis Bailey and David Mixner.  See more at the website.