All Because of Agatha
by Way Off Broadway Community Players

Jan. 16 (2017)

A newly married couple buys a house in historic Salem, Massachusetts. Which has the annoying feature of being visited each year by a slightly destructive witch named Agatha Forbes. Things go along smoothly, so they decide to make a farewell party out of Agatha’s next visit. A crazy aunt, nice looking doctor and his mother, a self-proclaimed medium and the local newspaper’s star reporter are all invited. But all gaiety vanishes when the witch arrives in a cloud of smoke and bad temper. Impatient from the outset, Agatha makes no bones about the fact that she wants everyone out of the house. As no one will cooperate, she then exercises her special powers and casts a spell which, to every one’s dismay, makes them actually become, temporarily, as they secretly wish themselves to be. The results are uproarious. Fortunately, they discover (in the nick of time) how to free Agatha from her house-haunting obligation.

Directed by Ed Trujillo

Auditions 7 - 10 p.m. at Way Off Broadway Community Players, 11880 Old 2243 W., Leander, TX 78641. 

Auditions consist of cold readings of the script. Bring your calendar to identify schedule conflicts!


Duff O’Hara – is a cartoonist in his 30’s or 40’s and loving husband to Joan O’Hara. He is an intelligent man with a good sense of humor, who agrees to buy the haunted house of the Agatha Forbes. Although his wife has a strong interest for the supernatural, he himself is skeptic when it comes to subject. He prefers a nice quite comfortable home where he can raise a family and do his work.

Joan O’Hara – Is a beautiful lady in her 30’s or her 40’s and who is happily married to Duff. She is a warm, poise, and quick wit lady who has a strong passion for the supernatural and the occult. In fact not only is she excited about their new haunted house, but she decides to hold a witch haunting party on the very evening when Agatha Forbs is scheduled to come.

Mr. Van Buren – Is a real estate agent who shows the O’Hara’s the old Forbes house in Salem. He is a jovial, enthusiastic middle-aged man who is eager to sell the old house, yet he is open and forthright about telling them about house’s haunting history.

Mrs. Boggs – A local community woman, who is in her mid-40’s. As a member of the “Society of Psychic Phenomena of Salem” is very interested in the O’Hara’s house and would like their help to build a Psychic Center in the heart of these troubled ghostly districts.

Ethel – Is an attractive young cook and housekeeper who works for the O’Hara’s. She has a flamboyant style and appearance, along with a New York accent. Like Mr. O’Hara she is very skeptical about believing in ghosts and witches.

Dr. Randolph – A single middle-aged man and local doctor, who is generally liked and respected however, he tends to be a little shy, high strung and rather nervous.

Thelma Breckenridge – Joan’s rather flirtatious aunt who is very chic and gregarious. She is generally out-spoken, opinionated, and very expressive. She is also well traveled and fully enjoys the pleasures of life.

Flip Cannon – A young energetic and flirtatious reporter from the Herald, who is always looking to catch that great story and attractive ladies.

Madam La Solda – Dr. Randolph’s mother, who is also a medium. She is an attractive and flashy woman, who is theatrically made up. She likes to wear bizarre-looking clothes and lots of jewelry.

Agatha Forbes – The deceased witch who comes back one day a year to haunt the house and force out any new occupants from the place where she was burned. Unlike typical witches, she is fairly attractive and uses her witches’ magic to cast spells on the house guests.