The Irish Curse
by AtticRep

Jan. 10 - Jan. 11 (2015)

THE IRISH CURSE is a revealing portrait of how men, and society, define masculinity. In doing so, it dares to pose the fundamental question that has been on the minds of men since the beginning of time: "Do I measure up to the next guy?" Size matters to a small group of men that meets every Wednesday night, in a Catholic church basement, at a self-help group for men with small penises. This allegedly Irish trait is the focus of their weekly whining and bitching as they feel this "shortcoming" has ruined their lives. One evening, when a twenty-something blue-collar guy joins the group, he challenges everything the other men thought about "the Irish curse" ...tackling their obsession with body image and unmasking the comical and truthful questions of identity, masculinity, sex, relationships, and social status that define their lives. Roberto Prestigiacomo and Seth Larson co-direct.

Actors are paid a stipend.

Characters Needed:

RICK BALDWIN - Early-mid twenties.
A smart, optimist, fun-loving Staten Island stud who's studying sports medicine at a local NY college. Rick's the kind of guy who paints his face green, drinks a lot and hangs with his buds on St. Patrick's Day.

KEIRAN RILEY - Late twenties to early thirties.
Nice-looking, middle class guy from Queens who works at a roofing company. Keiran is exuberant, very nervous and very sincere. He's also really Irish and someone you'd want to be your best friend.

Roles of Joseph Flaherty, Stephen Fitzgerald and Kevin Shaunessy have been cast.

Saturday, January 10th from 4:10 to 6:30 PM, Sunday, January 11th from 5 to 7 PM; callbacks Monday, January 12.

Please bring a headshot and resume. Audition consists of cold readings from the script.

Location: Tobin Center for the Performing Arts, in the old Fire Department Headquarters at 115 Auditorium Cir, San Antonio, Texas, 78205