In One Take!
by Overtime Theater

Dec. 13 - Dec. 14 (2014)

Performance Dates: January 30, 2014 - February 28, 2014

(weekends- Friday and Saturday, with 2 Thursday performances and 2 Sunday performances)

Maxwell Stinnett is a producer, director, and silent movie studio owner in 1915. After a series of flops, the studio is filing for bankruptcy. Four days before the auction of all of the studio's possessions, Maxwell and his secretary discover that Lillian Harper, one of the brightest stars in Hollywood, is still under contract to their studio. Maxwell hatches a plan to reunite two of his biggest stars to remake Romeo and Juliet in a last ditch effort to save his studio. But with one reel of film, no money to pay a crew, or a script, Max has his hands full. And that's before Romeo and Juliet arrive.

Characters Needed:
Maxwell Stinnett: Age 25+- Owner and chief filmmaker at the now bankrupt Stinnett Studios
Molly Wilson: Age 25+- His longtime secretary
Lillian Harper: Age 20-35- Famous film star discovered by Max Stinnett in his glory days
Richard Clancy: Age 25-40: Former male film star and ex-husband of Lillian; now a drunk
Rosaline Hash: Age 25+: Bank clerk assinged to create the inventory list for the auction of Stinnett Studio assets. A closet romantic who loves Romeo and Juliet.
Sam Handy: Age 20+- Security guard at the studio
Skeeter: Age 18-30- An Irish street kid who steals for a living
Critics/ Extras: 1 -3 needed- either gender almost any age considered- Bit parts who will be extras in the film scenes and play the critics at the end

Audition Dates: Saturday, December 13 3-5 pm and Sunday, December 14 2-4 pm

Cold readings will be provided. Scripts are available for checkout from the Overtime box office