Beneath the Surface
by Overtime Theater

Jan. 22 - Jan. 23

Beneath the Surface: Two back-to-back stories where discovering what lies below can lead to salvation or tragedy.

Belly of the Beast - A woman wakes to find she has been dumped in a pit with no means of escape. To escape her situation she must find a way to connect with her only fellow prisoner, but it looks like they been there a long, long time and may be far too broken to provide any help. Or, is there something the mysterious fellow prisoner is intentionally holding back? 

Mysteries of the Deep - In 1960's Scotland, a team from America has arrived to try and find the Loch Ness Monster. Two of the team, Mellie and Olivia, seem off to a shaky start as things keep going wrong, and their arrogant boss, Devin, is all too ready to ignore local rules in his quest for the monster. Things get complicated further when a local is found dead and Olivia is fired for failing to protect equipment. But when Olivia breaks into the site to steal back her equipment, she discovers the secret of Loch Ness may go deeper than anyone could have possibly expected.

An Overtime Double Feature written by Michael Burger Song. 


Auditions January 22 and 23 (times not given).

All types needed of age and physicality. Scottish accents will be needed for some characters, but many do not require Scottish accent. If you are able to do any accent from that region please be prepared to do so at auditions.These plays were originally made as episodes of a podcast and released online. You may listen to these to prepare for the audition if you’d like.

Please prepare monologues of 1 minute, but actors should be prepared to do cold reads from the script as well.

Headshot and resume requested.Rehearsal schedule will be Monday thru Thursday from 7 pm to 10 pm with a readthrough in late January. Rehearsals start 2nd week of February. 

Performances will be Friday and Saturday nights with one Sunday afternoon show as well.