Cesar's Palace
by Overtime Theater

Dec. 04 - Dec. 05

From ATAC Award Winner Dan Timoskovich (RIDE: The Musical) and Meaghan Setterbo, comes a new musical, Cesar’s Palace. Set at the Palace Inn, a once a hip hotel during the 1970s but now on its last legs, barely hanging on as its sleazy owner uses it as a money-laundering front. CESAR REYES, the young, smooth-talking night clerk who runs his personal side business of renting rooms by the hour, seems to have everything under control until the day the hotel is finally sold. Cesar soon falls for SARAH MCKAY, the quirky, lighthearted daughter of the new owner. Cesar has to balance between preserving his business and helping Sarah turn the hotel around. He quickly learns that managing his relationship and his mountain of lies is more than he can handle.

Open Auditions for CESAR’S PALACE by Meaghan Setterbo and Dan Timoskevich

Dec 4th, 5th and 7th, 2021(Saturday Dec 4th from 12:30-4:30, Sunday Dec 5th from 3-6 pm, and Tuesday Dec 7th from 7-9 pm)

Directors: Nicole Erwin and Dan Timoskevich

Audition requirements:

-Song: 32 bars or a verse and chorus of any song. You must provide a track on your phone or other device with a Bluetooth connection. A cappella singing is acceptable. A speaker will be provided for tracks.
-Cold readings from the script will be availableThe show will have limited choreography Show run dates: Feb 18 – Mar 12, 2022Rehearsals will start January 9th. Rehearsals are usually Sundays through Thursdays from 7-9:30.

Characters Needed:

CESAR – Smooth talking night clerk (Male, 20-28) 
SARAH – Quicky, energetic, starving artist (Female 20-28) 
STEWART – Sleazy owner (Male 30-50) – Limited singing ability 
JESSICA – Prim and proper mother of Sarah (40-60) 
MELVIN – Bad ass drug dealer (Male 30-60) – Limited singing ability 
PAUL – Meth-head from a good family (Male 20-35) – Limited singing ability 
VICKI – Emma’s girlfriend not ready to come out (Female 27-50) 
EMMA – Vicki’s girlfriend ready to come out (Female 27-50) DEJA – An astute sex worker (Female 20 – 35) Limited singing ability 
FRANK – A simpleton maintenance man (Male 25-55) No singing ability 
JAKOVSKI – A Cop who can’t keep his zipper up (Male 25-55) – Limited singing ability 
ENSEMBLE – Cop, housekeeping, etc. (Male or Female any age)Crew Needed:
Lighting Designer 
Sound and Light Tech 
All roles and crew are volunteer positions. 
Our Love Bucket of patron donations will be split equally at the end of the run.