But Why Bump Off Barnaby?
by Way Off Broadway Community Players

Dec. 16 (2019)

Prodigal Barnaby is now the Late Barnaby! If the Butler didn’t do it, then who-? While Barnaby has motive to murder EVERYBODY, no one has reason to want HIM dead. And what do the letters  B  A  R scrawled by his dying hand mean? Murder is only one of this bizarre family’s worries: secret treasure, coded limericks, poisoned sherry, and imminent DOOM fall like an ACME anvils before the killer is finally - and hilariously - unmasked.  

Thorough lunacy with a fascinating mystery. 


This lunatic show poses a fascinating mystery. –Samuel French

Real mystery among the shenanigans – Los Angeles Times

“Bring your magnifying glass, mystery caps, and British humor ...this is a play that will be one to remember.” -FHS Freedom Forum 



AUDITIONS December 16 -7 pm

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3pm Sunday Matinees: February 23 & March 1