Farce of Nature
by Way Off Broadway Community Players

Aug. 06 (2018)

This Southern-fried farce highlights one day in the life of D. Gene and Wanelle Wilburn, owners of what used to be the finest little fishing lodge in the Ozarks. Lately business is down, tourists are few, and the lone guest who's just checked in—an extremely jittery Carmine DeLuca from Chicago is only there because he has to be.

Gene is worried about the lodge. Wanelle has taken drastic steps to improve their love life through hypnotic suggestion. Maxie, the feisty sister, is battling to resume her career in law enforcement…even though she keeps losing both her gun and the bullets. Add a shady gangster, Sonny, in pursuit of his sexy wife, Lola; and Jenna, the seemingly innocent girlfriend of D. Gene andWanelle’s son, Ty - whose patience has reached the breaking point after months of waiting for him to come home from his acting career in Chicago.

In the deliciously funny romp that ensues, they all hide, lie, camouflage themselves and slam doors chasing one another. All the while trying to figure out the source of an increasingly awful stench. Yet by the delightfully chaotic climax of this one outrageous day, love blossoms, truths are revealed, and the lives of all—family, guests and gangsters alike—change in incredible and surprising ways. This is a side-splittingly funny show, guaranteed to win audiences over—hook, line, and sinker

Auditions for "Farce of Nature" by Hope-Jones-Wooten, directed by Tracy Cathey.

Monday, August 6, 2018 at the WOBCP stage, 11880 Hero Way West, Leander, 78641

5 Women, 4 Men - ages 20s to 60s

Show runs Sept 21 thru Oct 13, Fri and Sat nights, matinee Sept 30

Auditions consist of cold readings from the script. Bring your calendar to identify schedule conflicts.