by Tex-Arts

Apr. 23 - Apr. 24 (2018)

Auditions for a role in Grease with Tex-Arts on Apr 23 through Apr 24.

TexARTS, located in Lakeway, TX, is a professional theatre company acting under a SPT-1 contract with Actors’ Equity Association. We hire union and nonunion actors.

Working for TexARTS is a large commitment, and auditioners must be available everyday for the rehearsal and production periods of a show. The production run includes four performances per week.

Rehearsal times are decided prior to the first day of most rehearsal.

Audition Notice: TexARTS Professional Series 


TexARTS, located in Lakeway, TX, welcomes members of the Actors’ Equity Association and nonunion performers to audition for the upcoming production of Grease.

Written by Jim Jacobs & Warren Casey 
TexARTS Professional Series 
Austin, TX

Audition Location

2300 Lohman’s Spur, STE 160 
Austin, TX 78734

Date(s) and Time(s) of Auditions

Monday, April 23, 2018 by appointment from 6 pm - 10 pm

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 by appointment from 6 pm - 10 pm

Sunday, April 29, 2018 - callbacks 
*Invited callbacks will be held at TexARTS Studios in Lakeway on Sunday, April 29, 2018.


Executive Producer: Jarret Mallon 
Director: Kasey RT Graham

Other Dates

First Rehearsal: June 25, 2018

Performances: July 13 - July 29, 2018 Shows at 7:30pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and 2pm on Sundays. With possible added shows on Wednesdays of the second and third week of the run.

Rehearsals will be held weekday evenings and during the daytime on weekends at TexARTS in Lakeway. The show will perform at the TexARTS Kam and James Morris Theatre, 2300 Lohman’s Spur, STE 160, Austin, TX 78734


Some SPT 2 Equity Contracts Available. - pending


Seeking members of Actors’ Equity and nonunion actors. Performers of all ethnic and racial background are encouraged to attend. Casting: Cast of 9. All roles open.

Looking for versatile performers who sing and dance.

Actors auditioning for high school characters should be 18-25 and be able to play high school aged.

High Schoolers:

DANNY ZUKO: Male, The leader of the Burger Palace Boys; good-looking, strong and confident, with an air of easy-going charm.

SANDY: Female, New girl in town; sweet, wholesome, naive, cute, and innocent.

RIZZO: Female, Leader of the Pink Ladies; tough, sarcastic, and outspoken but vulnerable.

FRENCHY: Female, A dreamer; good-natured but not too smart, she is heavily made up, fussy about her appearance, particularly her hair. She can't wait to finish high school so she can be a beautician.

MARTY: Female, The 'beauty' of the Pink Ladies; pretty and looks older than the other girls, but betrays her real age when she opens her mouth. She tries to act sophisticated.

JAN: Female, Funny, loud, compulsive eater, and awkward member of the Pink Ladies. Loud and pushy with the girls, but shy with boys.

DOODY: Male, The youngest of the guys; small, boyish, and open, with a disarming smile and a hero-worshipping attitude towards the other guys. He also plays the guitar.

KENICKIE: Male, The second in command of the Burger Palace Boys; tough-looking, tattooed, surly, and avoids any show of softness. He has an offbeat sense of humor.

SONNY: Male, A member of the Burger Palace Boys; funny Italian-American, he is a braggart and wheeler-dealer who thinks he's a real lady-killer

ROGER: Male, The anything-for-a-laugh stocky type of boy; a clown who enjoys winding people up, he is full of mischief and is always dreaming up half-baked schemes and ideas.

CHA-CHA, aka CHARLENE DIGREGORIO: Female, The best dancer at St. Bernadette's; a loud mouth, she wins the dancing competition with Danny.

EUGENE: Male, The class valedictorian; physically awkward, with weak eyes and a high-pitched voice. He's a typical 'apple-polisher' - both smug and pompous, but gullible.

PATTY SIMCOX: Female, A typical cheerleader; attractive, athletic, sure-of-herself, but can be given to bursts of disconcerting enthusiasm. She's a bit of a pain and unpopular with the Pink Ladies, and can twirl a baton.


VINCE FONTAINE: Male, A typical 'teen audience' disc jockey; slick, egotistical and fast-talking. He is also a veteran 'Greaser.'

JOHNNY CASINO: Male, All-American, rock-star “greaser” student at Rydell High, whose real name is Clarence.

MISS LYNCH: Female, A no-nonsense, serious, loud English teacher.

TEEN ANGEL: Male, Frenchy's suave and slick guardian angel, who encourages her to stay in school.


Please prepare two 16-32 bar cuts of a song that is in the style of the show, (one up tempo and one ballad.) Okay to sing from the show. Please also bring accompaniment music as well. In addition, please bring a resume and headshot. AEA members should bring proof of Equity membership. EMC actors will also be seen. Nonunion actors are welcome and encouraged to attend. Actors should be 18 years.

Email with subject line “Grease-Appointment request;” attach headshot/resume in PDF/Word format with preferred time.

Auditions will be held at TexARTS: 2300 Lohman’s Spur, STE 160, Austin, TX 78734.

Local hires only. We do not accept video submissions. No phone calls please.


TexARTS, the Lake Travis nonprofit for the visual and performing arts 
2300 Lohman's Spur, Suite 160 Austin, Texas 78734 


TexARTS is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to cultivate a thriving arts community by exposing all people to the visual and performing arts. We prepare and promote exceptional young talent to achieve their fullest potential as artists, leaders and global citizens. We are recognized throughout the region for our world-class professional theatre and educational programs.