Liar's Kiss
by Breaking String Theater

Feb. 20 - Feb. 27 (2018)

How do you experience vulnerability when your identity is rooted in impossible strength? Sam Harper is a 28 year-old debt collector, obsessed with the film THE MALTESE FALCON and its swaggering, hyper-masculine hero, Sam Spade. A tip on an outstanding debt and a visit from his ex-girlfriend leads him on a nightmarish journey that destroys and rebuilds the relationship between his body and spirit.

A new dance-theater piece from Breaking String Theater, written by Joanna Garner, directed by Graham Schmidt. Choreography by Kelsey Oliver. The full production will take place in August 2018, at the Long Center's Rollins Studio. Workshop participants will receive a stipend including a small portion of the revenue from the August Long Center performance run, and will be strongly considered for casting in the full production (separate contract).



PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITY: 6 Performers (dance/movement and improv background preferred) for month-long choreography and physical theater workshop process, from March 5 – April 8. Rehearsals will take place on weekday evenings and weekend afternoons. Precise schedule is flexible, but we hope you can rehearse 3x/week with us during these times. Interested? We want to hear from you!

CONTACT: Please feel free to contact Graham Schmidt at with any questions. 

[film still from The Maltese Falcon via]