She Loves Me
by The Theatre Company

Oct. 29 - Oct. 30 (2017)

Just in time for the holidays, She Loves Me delivers a charming love story for all audiences. The plot follows two pen-pals as they fall for each other, completely unaware that they’ve been working side by side, driving each other crazy! If the story sounds familiar, you’ve probably seen the movie that inspired it, The Shop Around the Corner, or the 1998 version, You’ve Got Mail. This Tony Award winning musical was recently revived on Broadway and became the first to be live-streamed, thanks to BroadwayHD!

Audition dates are set for all of our productions. Check out the current season page for the dates. Auditions always begin at 7:00 pm. Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes before the 7:00 pm start time to submit your audition sheet and possibly work with the accompanist. The first night is the open audition; the second night is reserved for call backs. If you don’t show up until the second night of rehearsals, you will usually not be allowed to audition unless you make prior arrangements.

More at the Theatre Company's 'Frequently Asked Questions' page about auditions