American Sunrise Gala
by Renaissance Guild

Aug. 22 (2017)


American Sunrise Gala, November 18, 2017, benefiting a non-profit organization providing educational support to children and young adults in San Antonio.


Casting Call for American Sunrise Gala
Positions:  1 young boy/ 1 main adult male / 2  adult dancer(male and female) /3 male adult supporting actors/2 female adult supporting actors
****Both volunteer and paid positions available*****    
Limited speaking parts
Details: After the remarks portion of the gala, there will be series of skits portraying a little boy who is dreaming of what he can become if he studies and gets good grades.  The various scenes will feature an older version of the young man in different stages of his life, and others who impact him.  The following skits take place in from 1920-1940.
Audition Time and Location: Tuesday August 22nd 6 - 8pm,
7334 Blanco Rd, Unit 100
San Antonio, TX 78216
For more information call or message 
The Renaissance Guild at (210)560-0481
Opening scene | Mom begins scolding son for not doing hishomework. The son reacts with brief and funny excuses; the mom asks him what he would like to be when he grows up. The mom sends him to his room to think about it.
Actors needed:
- 1 young male actor (7-9 years old) 
- 1 female actress ( 20's-30's)

Night club scene | 4 young guys walking up with instruments and the star actor is holding a trombone.  He is in a bang and will be debuting a new song.  He is staged on a platform and will pretend to play the trombone to Glen Miller's "IN THE MOOD".  A pair of dancers will be staged to dance to the song.
Actors needed:
- 4 young male actors (20's - 30's)
- 2 dancers - Male and female ( jazz/ ballroom) 

Military Scene | Star actor will walk into a military recruitment center and ask to serve his country.  The General in charge asks his skill set and the star actor says he can play the bugle.  
Actors needed:
- 2 male actors -A younger male and an older male 
Casting director scene | A advertised casting call for a tap dancer show.  The casting director, father or the co-star, will be staged near the co-star and the star actor who will tap dance to a famous song. When the audition is over he leans in to the girl to steal a kiss. The director runs after him as he exits the stage.
Actors needed:
- 2 male actor -  A young male and an older male (20's-40's)
-1 female actress(20's -30's)

Inauguration night |  The star actor will be an older version of himself.  The scene will be staged in the white house on inauguration night.   The lead actor will play the president of the United States dancing with the 1st lady.
- 1 male actor (mid 30's - 40's)
- 1 female actress ( mid 30's)
For more information call or message The Renaissance Guild at (210)560-0481 
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