The Game's Afoot
by Way Off Broadway Community Players

Aug. 07 (2017)

It‘s December 1936 and William Gillette, known world wide for his role on stage as Sherlock Holmes, and wounded from an attempt on his life at a performance, invites a few friends over for a weekend of revelry at his Connecticut mansion while he recovers. But when one of the guests is stabbed to death, the festivities in this isolated house of tricks and mirrors quickly turn dangerous. Then it’s up to Gillette himself, as he assumes the persona of his beloved Holmes, to track down the killer before there is another victim. In the vein of "whodunit" murder mysteries, the plot takes many twists and turns. In this Comedy Thriller, beginning with the intriguing opening mini play within a play to the surprise last scene a split second before final curtain you will find yourself swept along for a wild and funny ride. Gasp!

The Game’s Afoot is Murderously Funny!” 

The Game’s Afoot! by Ken Ludwig
Directed by Bill Craig
Auditions: August 7, 2017 at 7:00 pm (5W/3M)

Evening Performances at 8 pm:
Sep. 22,23; 29,30; Oct 6,7; 13,14, 2017
Sunday Matinee: October 1 at 3 pm

The Characters:

William Gillette - 40-50's - highly successful, renowned actor and playwright. Fiercely loyal and devoted to his friends and family. Considers cast members as his family. William does not play at life, but recognizes that life is in itself a game. A game to be embraced, challenges are not to be endured, but conquered. Though he seems to live frivolously, life is not a joke to him, but a game - the most glorious game ever!

Martha Gillette - 50-60's - Moderate success in an earlier career as an actress taught her the value of surrounding herself with a great cast of characters and prepared her for being a bit of a character herself. She loves Willie and while occasionally acting exasperated with him, treasures the joy that he brings to life. Like Willie, fiercely loyal to family - can appear dotty at times, but that is mostly an affectation, nothing gets by her.

Felix Geisel - 40-50's - long time friend and costar of Willie's - they've known each since the beginning, when they were both struggling actors. While recognizing Willie's greatest, sometimes Felix wonders why his own success has not been as great. Deeply impressed with his own talent, Felix doesn't quite seem to grasp that 'wishing won't make it so' - slightly jealous of Willie's success? Maybe. But grateful and loyal for all that. Deep down realizes that while he has equal (to him) talent, he knows he doesn't have the drive. Meanwhile, he remains content to enjoy the game.

Madge Geisel - 40-50's another long time dear and trusted friend who has taken on the often difficult role of being married to Felix. She loves Willie like a brother and would do anything to support him. She is grateful of the role she has in Willie's family and for his including her and Felix in that circle. To her, life may not always be fair, but it will never be boring.

Simon Bright - 20-30's - young, ambitious and driven to succeed. The question is how far he will go to succeed. Will he follow his talents, or is he willing to take a few shortcuts along the way. 

Aggie Wheeler - 20-30's - vivacious, new to stardom and driven to be a success. While she at one time hoped for more, she is grateful to Willie to be included in the cast of family. She is highly capable as an actress and adept at keeping her secrets close.

Inspector Goring - 40-50's - the absolute first female detective in this part of the state and will not let you forget it. Strongly focused on her job and position, she can sometimes appear to overlook basics - and then, suddenly leap to logical conclusions with lightning rapidity. She is capable of getting things wrong without knowing it, yet she is adept at catching people in lies.

Daria Chase - 40-50's - slightly older than the Willie, Felix and Madge, but ever try to convince her of that, She is glamorous, gorgeous and as full of herself as a Christmas turkey. She is highly impressed with herself and exults in the power that he holds as a (gasp) theater critic,

Auditions consist of cold readings of the script. Bring you calendar to identify conflicts.