Review: Sundown Town by Wimberley Players
by anonymous reviewer

Sundown Town by Kevin Cohea as staged by the Wimberley Players is a thoughtful look backward a hundred years at the sharp contrast between the obligations of Christian charity and the racist attitudes common in the smalltown South.  The plot unfolds in rural Arkansas but these events or others very like them could just as well have occurred almost anywhere in the United States of that day and in fact throughout the twentieth century.  With effective use of folksong, traditional music and the Baptist hymnal, Cohea undertakes to recreate that time for us and to make vivid the contradictions faced by even the most righteous and charitable.  The ensemble is carried especially by the strong performance by Bob Elliott as the kind but troubled Dub Hale, an ageing father who takes in a young itinerant African American carpenter; also notable is the vigorous portrayal by LeRoy Nienow of village preacher Rev. John Lofton.

Sundown Town
by Kevin Cohea
Wimberley Players

April 27 - May 06, 2012
Wimberley Playhouse
450 Old Kyle Road
Wimberley, TX, 78676