Bottle Alley Theatre Co Seeking Director/Acting Coach for 'The Zoo'

Bottle Alley Theatre Company is seeking ONE last director to join their creative team (already consisting of a mind-boggling FIVE directors) for their extremely experimental performance piece entitled The Zoo.

Confused? Let's clarify:

First, a vague synopsis: The Zoo is about six criminals, each committing atrocities completely independent of each other. Sensationalized by the media and turned into quasi-celebrities, they are later apprehended and placed on large show trials. Instead of being executed, they are placed in a public prison, built specifically for them - and what is a public prison, but a zoo?

Each director is responsible for directing just ONE actor (and thus here is where the acting coach part comes in). The reason for this is so that there can be a level of attention to detail unlike most conventional plays. Bottle Alley's Artistic Director Chris Fontanes shall supervise/direct the entire production overall.

This is what is known as a "long-term" project, with The Zoo (the last show of the season) slated to open in September and with production kicking off in January. However, due to the scale of the production and its level of detail, we're eager to fill that last director's spot now.

No experience is necessary - however, the applicant should have an understanding of acting and how to work with someone on this one-on-one level. In addition, we're looking more for someone with the right attitude who can work in a larger creative group while still being independent.

And, yes, this position is paid.

Interested? Confused a little? Then send your resume or letter of interest to Artistic Director Chris Fontanes at

This a FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED type of thing. Applicants will be reviewed, and then possibly have an interview set up at a later date.