In Memoriam: Cortney DeAngelo, by Steve Rogers

(Photos by Steve Rogers)

Many Austin theatre artists have posted about Cortney. This is from Steve Rogers:


More photos from our 12 sessions, I miscounted earlier. She would have an idea she wanted to do and call me up and say let's do a session. Of course I was always down to do a photo session with my Muse, my Friend. As you look through these you'll recognize Cortney and her beautiful spirit. She always loved working with me because I made her feel so beautiful. I was only capturing the truth, she was beautiful with a beautiful soul. Gone too soon. One of our favorites was the one where she's climbing out of the hot tub in her fairy dress that she was hunting for so she could do that shoot. It was wonderful and there's so many other photos that I could share. Limiting it to these 10 is just the tip of our vast photo sets. I only just met Cortney in 2010 when we did a Christmas shoot. I included that photo in my other post, it was one of her favorites. I loved working with her, her positive attitude, and her wonderful creativity.