2024 Season, Boerne Community Theatre

2024 Boerne Community Theatre —
New Season Announced

Welcome Back to Ivy Gap
Rejoining First Baptist of Ivy Gap after a tragic fire and a loss of their cherished pastor, the newly renovated sanctuary welcomes a new leader. In this third installment of the "First Baptist" trilogy, "Welcome Back to Ivy Gap," we witness colorful characters coming together for a second chance, sharing laughter, love, and forgiveness. 

January 19th - February 4, 2024. 



Step into Colchester, a quaint town where familiarity and a leisurely pace afford love the room it craves. Meet Suzanne, our guide, a local photographer who unveils her neighbors' tales, offering glimpses of romance at every phase. Join us in this play, an exploration of love, nostalgia, the changing seasons, and the art of bidding farewell. 

March 8th - 24th, 2024. 



Teen Troupe Play — TBD
Watch as our thirteen through nineteen-year-old performers bring a story to life. 

April 5th - 14th, 2024. 



After the Fantasy
A murder mystery in two acts written by our very own Martin Vidal. Just when Sheriff Millar thinks she's getting over the traumatic investigation of a local fantasy writer, Elbert Hass, the fans, lawyers, and family members keep coming out of the woodwork and adding more layers (and polearms) to the mystery. 

May 10th - 26th, 2024. 



The 20-Year Crush
Martie's college-era love, Brook, returns, igniting old passions. Her husband, a regular guy, pales in comparison. Janice, Martie's friend, is also drawn to Brook after a recent divorce. They discover Brook's repetitive use of a romantic poem on all his women and students. In the end, Martie values a genuine poem from someone else over Brook's deceitful "poetic license." 

July 5th - 21st, 2024. 



London Suite
America's top comic playwright presents a series of uproarious comedies in a high-end London hotel. From drunken Welsh writers confronting their embezzling managers to an American widow and her daughter shoe shopping, a New York couple losing their Wimbledon tickets and room to a demanding Kevin Costner, and a funny reunion between Diana and Sidney from "California Suite," dealing with financial issues and lingering feelings — this ensemble show has all the feels. 

August 30th - September 14th, 2024. 



Honky Tonk Hissy Fit
In Doublewide, where the population is growing, a menacing corporate presence from Austin threatens the town's way of life. Mayor Joveeta Crumpler sounds the alarm, but her concerns go largely unheard. Meanwhile, her mother, Caprice, is too self-absorbed with her local celebrity status to notice the danger. Various quirky characters in town are dealing with their own issues, from romantic entanglements to caffeine addiction. As the corporate threat looms, can the townspeople unite behind Mayor Joveeta to protect Doublewide? 

October 11th - 27th, 2024. 



Teen Troupe Musical — TBD
Our 2023 season had our teens singing modern tunes in the pop musical, Emma. We can guarantee the 2024 season musical will be just as amazing. 

November 1st - 10th, 2024. 



Ebenezer Scrooge's Big Boerne, Texas Christmas Show
A beloved holiday classic has been reimagined into a rollicking, entertaining, and family-friendly theatrical performance that seamlessly weaves Boerne into the story. Join Ebenezer, the three Ghosts, Tiny Tim, and a host of other characters in this festive, music-infused production. 


December 6th - 15th, 2024. 

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