Performance Photos: Sophie Trreadwell's MACHINAL, Silent House Theatre, Waco

(Performance photos via Silent House Theatre Company)

Silent House Faceboook posting, August 28, 2023:


Today we put Machinal to rest. When preparing for this daunting show, we had no idea how Waco would react towards it. Not only was this fast paced show our first attempt at expressionism, it ended leaving the audience with a sense of uneasiness and uncertainty on how to feel. However, the reactions have been better than we could have ever expected. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Huge thanks to our amazing Director, Collin Selman, who created our interpretation of Machinal and helped make it a reality on stage. Every single person on our crew and technical team worked tirelessly night and day to make the audience feel as if they were in the mind of our protagonist. These people, including the amazing actors AND the Waco Civic, are the reason this show was as successful as we had hoped it would be.
Thank you for trusting us and allowing us to do this type of theatre in Waco. Now, onto the next! CABARET!! Stay tuned for more interviews from our cast/ crew.

by Sophie Treadwell
Silent House Theatre (SH.)

August 23 - August 27, 2023
Waco Civic Theatre
1517 Lake Air Drive
Waco, TX, 76717

(via SHAugust 23 - 27, 2023

Wednesday - Saturday at 7:30 p.m., 2 p.m matinees Saturday and Sunday.

ASL-assisted performances Thursday afternoon and Sunday afternoon

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