Production Photos: HALF BAKED, Boerne Community Theatre

(Photos from Boerne Community Theatre)

Retired brothers Jay and Sonny Allen move to central Florida with their wives Martha and Veronica to open a cafe. When the business starts failing and their nest egg dries up, they take drastic action to try to generate some cash. Action that includes murder for life insurance money, pod casts and baking cannabis into the appetizers to 'stimulate' business!

However, when Martha's old boyfriend, detective Marty Minkoff as well as Nadia, a fortysomething Latvian loan shark who Jay owes money to, arrive on the scene, things get complicated! Throw into the mix a twenty-something millennial who's never heard of Elvis Presley, but sounds and acts exactly like him, and you soon have a recipe for hilarity!

Joe Simonelli's plays have been delighting audiences in the U.S, Canada and the U.K. since 2001. More info can be found on his website

Allen Rudolph directs. 

by Joe Simonelli
Boerne Community Theatre

August 25 - September 10, 2023
Boerne Community Theatre
907 E. Blanco Rd.
Boerne, TX, 78006

August 25 - September 10, 2023

Boerne Community Theatre




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