CTX3328. Opportunities: Full-time Employment at Zach Theatre, Austin

(www.zachtheatre.com)Zach Theatre in Austin, Texas has posted four full-time employment opportunities at Indeed.com. Postings were made on May 18, 2023.


Production Stage Manager

Full-time $65k-70k/yr



Full-time $20/hr


Manager of Lighting and Operations

Full-time $60k/67k/yr


Manager of Audio/Visual Department

Full-time  $60k/67k/yr


Benefits include health, vision, dental, PTO, 401k/Roth IRA, more. All except stagehand are exempt from overtime. Stagehand will accrue overtime at 1.5x base rate for all hours over 40 within a M-Sunday workweek. All positions pay out on a biweekly payroll plan.

For full position descriptions and to apply online, click HERE.