CTX3324. Opportunity: Three-year Grant Funds a Director of Youth Programming for Playhouse 2000 in Kerrville.

Job Opening: Director of Youth Programming
Now Seeking Applicants
It's been several years since P2K has offered theater programming specific to young people. Thanks to a grant from the Elizabeth Huth Coates Foundation, we're working to get back to it soon.
We recently received a three-year grant supporting the re-defined, full time position of "Director of Youth Programming." This person will develop and implement plans for year-round projects for young people in elementary, middle, junior high and high school or the same age, including Youth Theater and Young People's Performances projects.
The complete job description is HERE.
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Posting at American Association of Community Theatres:


(www.aact.org)JOB TITLE: Director of Youth Programming

DATE POSTED: 05/05/2023 - 11:20am

JOB TYPE: Education

LOCATION: Kerrville, Texas

COMPANY/ORGANIZATION: Playhouse 2000, Inc.

JOB DESCRIPTION: The Director of Youth Programming works with the Executive Director to develop
and implement an appropriate slate of Playhouse 2000 programs for young participants (defined as
those in elementary, middle, junior high and high school or of the same age). These programs will
include both participatory, theater-based projects and the Young People’s Performances series of
events which offers exposure to all aspects of the performing arts through presented performances

JOB DESCRIPTION FILE (IF PROVIDED): job_description_-_youth_director.pdf

SALARY: $32,500 per year

START DATE: EXPERIENCE: See job description

WEBSITE: https://CaillouxPerformingArts.com

HOW TO APPLY: Please send letter of interest to Jeffrey Brown, Executive Director, Playhouse 2000, Inc. at jbrown@caillouxtheater.comAPPLICATION DEADLINE: Fri, 06/30/2023