CTX3260. Scenario Actors Needed for Training at Austin Football Club Stadium (volunteer, no pay)

Posted at Facebook page of Austin Community Theatre:


Hi, everyone! UT Theatre Alumni and Austinite here. I have an incredibly unique volunteer acting opportunity to share for local theatre groups.

I am the Public Safety Director at Q2 Stadium. Periodically, in the stadium industry, elite groups of law enforcement conduct training exercises in stadiums around the country. They want realistic participants to 1. Participate as involved parties 2. Participates as fans that are attending the ‘event’ that is the subject of the training. Some are given specific parts within the exercise. (This does not happen at an actual event. It is a staged training.)

These experiences are volunteer-based, unpaid, and confidential, and are opportunities that you will never forget!

This is also an opportunity for theatre teachers/students you might know in local theatre, as well.

If you’d like to learn more about these opportunities and are interested in getting your group involved, please email me at VLopez@AustinFC.com