CTX3250. Call for Emergency Preparedness Enactors, Williamson County Exercise May 19, 2023

Good afternoon, 

I am the Emergency Preparedness Team lead here at the Williamson County Health Department. I wanted to reach out and ask for a huge favor. We are planning an exercise on May 19th, 2023, in order to test our Public Health capabilities to respond to an emergency. I wanted to reach out to see if any of your students/trainees would be interested in participating as role players or crisis actor for the exercise. The exercise would take place on a Friday, 8-5 and each role player would have a script pre-written for them and roles would include playing a victim’s family member or friend, a victim or witness. It would be indoors, and lunch will be provided for all participants. If you have any students who are interested and can join, please have them reach out to me as soon as possible. I really appreciate your help with this.  


Rousner Ermonfils

Williamson County and Cities Health District

Emergency Preparedness and Response Lead

355 Texas Ave., Round Rock, TX 78664