Backgrounder Video: IN SISTERS WE TRUST, University of Texas at Austin, November 20 - 22, 2022

(video from University of Texas Department of Theatre and Dance)


The American Girl Dolls are all grown up and gathered together for a televised Bachelor-style reunion to decide the fate of the company. But suddenly, the girls start disappearing; something glitches and we’re thrown into a glossy feminist co-working space on the brink of expansion. The progressive women at the helm are still perpetuating age-old oppressive practices, now just in a shade of millennial pink. In Sisters We Trust, or My F*cked Up American Girl Doll Play investigates how corporate feminism is repeating and rebranding mistakes of the past instead of finding new pathways to empowerment.

This is an historically inaccurate play about $80 dolls, intersectionality and self-identifying female co-working spaces.

Directed by Jenny Lavery

In Sisters We Trust, or My F*cked Up American Girl Doll Play
by Justine Gelfman, Susan Wolk
University of Texas Theatre & Dance

October 20 - October 29, 2022
B. Iden Payne Theatre
300 East 23rd Street
Austin, TX, 78712

October 20-29, 2022
B. Iden Payne Theatre, University of Texas at Austin

Tickets $10 - $26, available online HERE