Director(s) Sought for Four One-Act Plays

Emily Kathleen (via Emily Kathleen ProductionsLooking for a 1-4 THEATRE directors for my virtual theatre show, it will be shot as a LIVE THEATRE show to give the home audience the feel of being in the theatre- is 4 part 1 act plays that raise awareness against child abuse, mental health, domestic abuse, and stalking, The plays are all narrative will educate and give the audience the tools they need to advocate for themselves. SAFE alliance will be collaborating with me on the plays. We will be rehearing at ST lukes church and recording the plays at the black box theatre at MACC, 2 out to the 4 plays are cast. Here are the tentative dates for each play and a log line for them, 
Director will get tax ride off credit from my non profit as there is no funding for these- 
your resume and THEATRE director reel. As well as why you feel drawn to direct this project. 
#1 Play title - "what ever let''s zoom it" is a mock Zoom call between two best friends helping each other find strength against their domestic abuse. that offers female empowerment against domestic abuse.
Rehearsal (tentative) January 3,5,10,12,19,24,26 Times TBD
Filming in black box theatre: 2-8pm January 28/29 6 hours each day for two days
 #2 Play Title- "the stalker" is a conversation in heaven between a woman who was murdered by her narcissistic, abusive stalker and her grandmother about the warning signs that people missed.
Rehearsal (tentative)  February 7,9,14,16,23,28, March 1,7,9 Times TBD
Filming in black box theatre: 2-8pm March 21/23 6 hours each day for two days 
#3 Play title- "I don't know" focuses on a marital discussion around having a baby. The wife, an abuse survivor, worries she’ll inflict the cycle of abuse she experienced onto her child. She tells her struggles of rape, abuse and the ensuing PTSD.The husband is the light in this play who helps empower her, teach her how to advocate for herself and their child. It offers education on how those who are abused can go on past the pain to lead healthy and happy lives.
Rehearsal (tentative)  March 28,30/ April 4, 6,11,13,20,25
Times TBD
Filming in black box theatre: April 28/29 6 hours each day for two days 
#4 Play title- "Clusterfuck"  takes place in a classroom to show how the education system fails, and even abuses their students due to lack of financial resources and teachers who would rather bully and belittle a disabled student than take the time to understand how to teach them. 
Rehearsal - (tentative)  May 2/9/11/16/18/23/25
Times TBD Filming in black box theatre: May 27/28 6 hours each day for two days



Emily Kathleen