Public Theatre San Antonio Acquires Second Property Across West Ashby; Plans To Be Formulated

The Public Theater Acquires Property at 741 W. Ashby

On Tuesday July 31st, San Antonio Little Theatre Inc. (dba The Public Theater of San Antonio) purchased the property located at 741 W. Ashby Place. The corner property formerly served as the Pho Sure Restaurant. When the business announced its closure, the theater moved quickly to secure the property. The corner lot is next to the land that was donated to theater last season by the Aleman family. The prior building that was located at 725 W. Ashby has been demolished and the land is prepped for new construction. With both 725 and 741 W. Ashby properties secured, the theater now has a clearer picture of what goals can be established for a new facility. The strategy and objectives of that new facility are still in pre-planning discussions.


(photo via Public Theatre)“Two years ago the Board of Directors and myself had a discussion about changing the mindset and culture of our organization - to create a plan and a model that would lead toward solvency and sustainability. As we work towards the future, we are delicately maneuvering ourselves to be a cherished artistic institution for the city and its people,” said George Green, CEO/Artistic Director.


When asked about what the future holds for the organization’s expectations in The San Pedro Playhouse, Green added, “The Playhouse is our home that we cherish and intend to produce quality professional productions in for centuries to come. I feel it is important to state that we have no intention of moving and the acquisition of land or properties should not be misunderstood. There has been some confusion regarding that and so let me be clear… San Pedro Playhouse is the home of the Public Theater San Antonio and it is our plan for it to remain so for many years to come. We believe in THEATER FOR ALL (our vision statement) and we are striving to make the long-term solutions beneficial for everyone involved. The upcoming campaign is a major step towards improving the quality of work that we present throughout our city and especially, now more so than ever, in the beautiful San Pedro Playhouse.”


Board Chair, Omar Leos, endorsed the Board’s support via email, “The Board of Directors is extremely excited about the purchase of the property at the corner of W. Ashby and N. Flores. By expanding our footprint, we are committed more than ever to becoming San Antonio's premier theatrical institution. Our city and citizens deserve it. We are thrilled to see what the future holds for The Public Theater!”


Feature by Deborah Martin in the San Antonio Express-News, August 2, 2018