Internships at the Vortex Repertory, Austin

Intern at the Vortex Theatre!!!

( 30 years, The VORTEX has offered internships for college and university students seeking to expand their professional experience in an intimate theatrical environment. An internship at The VORTEX provides hands-on, real-life experience with Austin’s premiere alternative theatre, complimenting educational theatre curriculum.

Each internship is designed to match the intern’s specific interests in conjunction with season programming. Ideally, an internship spans at least two months. Interns are assigned as Crew, Assistant Stage Managers, Production Assistants, Assistant Designers, Assistant Directors, or Stage Managers. Rehearsals and performances are held mostly in the evenings. Additionally, interns work at the theatre venue in the afternoons, assisting with productions, building scenery, cleaning and organizing, assisting with administrative tasks, archiving, and problem-solving. This important aspect of the internship broadens understanding of the complexity of the theatre, builds the team, strengthens relationships, supports the theatre, and deepens the quality of the experience.

While internships are not paid hourly, interns receive artist stipends for their work on productions. Interns must provide their own lodging, food, and transportation. A car is not required, although Austin has limited mass transportation. The VORTEX is on a bus route and is easily bike-friendly from many neighborhoods.

Internships can provide college credits if the intern’s college or university program allows it. Students wishing for internship credit may set this up through their college or university and present the requirements to The VORTEX. Interns will keep a log of their experiences, hours, and learning as part of documenting their internship for college credit.

To apply for an internship, please send a letter of inquiry and resume to

THE VORTEX MISSION: We conjure and navigate the storm of imagination with urgent, unashamed art that dares to dream the world in which we want to live. This magic emanates from our cultural harbor, embraces diverse communities, breaks down barriers, and opens channels for vital exchange.