Video Promo: SOVEREIGN, Part Three of the Honeycomb Trilogy, Yellow Lab Productions at VK Garage Theatre, Kerrville, Sept 21 - 23, 2017

Yellow Lab Productions presents Sovereign: Part 3 of the Honeycomb Trilogy by Mac Rogers. 
The epic conclusion of the theatrical science fiction saga. Sovereign is the third and final part of Mac Rogers' science fiction epic The Honeycomb Trilogy, three standalone plays set in the same universe chronicling a primal conflict that will redefine the nature of the human race. 
Picking up eight years after the events of Blast RadiusSovereign completes the story of a sister and a brother at mortal odds in a radically changed Earth. The alien race that has ruled the Earth has fallen to Ronnie’s rebellion, with the few remaining survivors on the run. The human race is slowly rebuilding all over the world. Ronnie is now the battle-scarred governor of what used to be Florida; everyone’s hero and no one’s friend. 
Until one night, when Ronnie’s soldiers smuggle into her office the greatest war criminal in the world: her brother Abbie, the foremost human ally of the extraterrestrials. When dawn comes, the people of Ronnie’s settlement will certainly discover him and rip him to pieces. As Ronnie grapples with an awful decision about what to do with the man she hates and loves in equal measure, Abbie makes one last desperate move, forcing a confrontation that will forever change the future of the human race. 
Unfolding over two suspenseful real-time acts, Sovereign brings The Honeycomb Trilogy to a wrenching and unforgettable climax.
***Sovereign contains adult themes, language, and situations. Viewer discretion is advised.


by Mac Brown
Yellow Lab Productions

September 21 - September 23, 2017
VK Garage Theatre
at Cailloux Cultural Center
305 Washington Street
Kerrville, TX, 78028

Tickets $10 plus service fees: click HERE to purchase.