Jarrott Productions Is Seeking Rehearsal Space

Broadcast from David Jarrott:


Friends of Jarrott Productions:

 I have just learned that Warren Steele, who operates the Austin Playwrights Studio where we have rehearsed our 3 productions so far, is probably not  going to renew his lease when it expires next March.  In addition, the rehearsal dates I had requested for my winter show that rehearses in January apparently have already been mostly reserved by Austin Shakespeare.

 Our first production of the season, PRODIGAL SON, is set to rehearse at APS; but after that we are in need of some space. 

 We are somewhat flexible, but our usual rehearsal schedule has been Mon-Fri evenings 7-11pm and Saturday afternoons 1-5pm. 

 Currently our rehearsal schedule for the winter and spring productions are: Jan. 8-Feb. 2; April 2-28.  We have load-ins at Trinity Street scheduled for February 3 and April 29.

 If you know of any space that might be available and affordable, please let me know.

 Space needs to be at least 20’x20’ and relatively open—we don’t mind moving a few chairs and tables around but interior decorating is not in the cards.  An empty warehouse space would be great as long as there was heating/cooling and rest room facilities.