StMU Theatre

All the St. Mary's University Drama Department’s productions are conducted under the auspices of its theatre company, StMU Theatre. It serves the campus community and beyond with a variety of performances and workshops throughout the academic year. All students, regardless of major, are welcome to participate as performers, directors, designers and technicians.

Since 2011, theatre productions have been mounted in ‘found’ spaces around the St. Mary’s University campus. Reinbolt Theatre was the Department’s primary performance space prior to this time. The last show staged in Reinbolt Theatre was Into The Woods, a joint production with the Music Department.

Throughout the years, we have adapted and thrived by showcasing our innovation and creativity by making theatre in all its different forms. Over sixty (60) productions have been in our repertoire. This testifies to our mission to serve our students’ desire to keep theatre in their lives and augment their academic education. We have also invited local Guest Artists to either perform or design alongside our students. These interactions with professionals not only emphasizes the master-apprentice dynamic but also encourages our students to attain higher professional standards for  themselves and for our productions. At this time, we typically utilize Treadaway Recital Hall or Guadalupe Chapel for our performances.


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Contact Information

To learn more about the StMU Theatre, contact Bernadette Hamilton-Brady at or 210-431-2222. For questions regarding upcoming productions, contact

Guadalupe Chapel, St. Mary's University
1 Camino Santa Maria
St. Mary's University
San Antonio, TX, 78228
St. Mary's University Theatre
1 Camino Santa Maria
San Antonio, TX, 78228