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We are a small traveling troupe and don't know exactly where we will perform just yet

Our company's inception date = 01/04/15. Our opening date for our first production = 02/07/15. Let me fill you in on the "on goings" so that you can get a better appreciation of the dedication we have to this endeavor. 

In all honesty we all lead very busy lives. It is our choice and then again, it may just be life's circumstances. Some of us are students, others work full-time, some do both, add in parenthood, life complications, relocation hassles, illnesses, hospitalizations, tight budgets, script changes, line changes, cast changes, time constraints, codes that don't work to get into buildings, a tooth abscess that makes Marlon Brando appear to be emaciated, a 3 car accident that brings Austin traffic to a standstill, trips to Kinko’s (in the middle of the night), no water for cast members (who are continually speaking), no money in the budget for lighting, resorting to threats of a picture of Beaker in lieu of a headshot as well as a bio entry written by a six year old or an extremely creative and bored person (your choice) if the deadline is missed in order to get our playbill to the publisher on time and cheering each time a ticket sale is logged.... almost to 4!

Yet each practice our talented cast members make the trek into Austin and fight over parking to run their lines, strike that- learn their new lines as they have a very creative director who never sleeps. There have been set changes, stage changes, line changes, cast changes, props to learn how to use and work into scenes, and we haven't even gone to costume yet.

We have 3 more meeting times scheduled before our debut. You know what? We got this...we're ready! ARE YOU?

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Trinity Street Players
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