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Alejandro Pesina, Rebekah Williams, Ivan Ortega (via MCTC)Miscast Theatre Company was founded by Alejandro Pesina, Rebekah Williams, and Ivan Ortega during the summer of 2022. Alejandro, Rebekah, and Ivan wanted to create a safe space for marginalized performers who were often overlooked in favor of maintaining the "usual" or "standard" cast lists. Having experienced this firsthand, their mission is to provide this for all San Antonio, TX local artists.


Miscast Theatre Company strives to create new opportunities for the artistic community in the Greater San Antonio Area by enabling historically marginalized performers to push their artistic boundaries in a positive way by developing new pieces and mounting contemporary classic productions that bring to the forefront the talented performers that are often overlooked in favor of maintaining the "usual" or "standard" cast lists. "


"The company name really is a misnomer; it’s not that we will choose to cast people 'incorrectly' or 'by error or mistake,' but instead that we intend to do the deeper thinking and visualizing needed to find new routes forward. It is our hope that those fresh avenues will create more equity of opportunity for performers and technical artists who may have been historically excluded based on cultural and ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic status, ability/accessibility level, or gender identity.”         

         - Miscast Team 

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Email: info@miscastthatre.org

800 W. Ashby Place, San Antonio, TX 78212

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