Mélange Theatre Company


“MÉLANGE THEATRE CO: a select theatrical mix of innovative design, as in “a mélange of flavours”; art gumbo; blends of the best quality. In geology, mélange is “a mappable body of rock marked by the inclusion of fragments of rock from all sides to create a diverse matrix.”

MTC is a female+-led theatre company in Austin that specializes in contemporary plays by local female+ playwrights and in bringing underrepresented voices to the fore. "ACT locally."








Mélange Theatre Company (MTC) produces work that addresses gender parity; whereas most theatres only have a 17% female playwright representation, MTC produces ONLY new works by local female+ playwrights (to include LGBTQIA and non-binary voices). We are female+ playwrights, directors, actors, and designers creating theatre with an inclusive feminist perspective that is for all theatregoers. 

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