The Mahogany Project

The Mahogany Project  is a collective of black queer men that serve to tell the stories of other black queer men covering an array of different societal issues, with a particular focus on building community in central Texas.


The purpose of the Mahogany Project is to facilitate a discussion around the daily lives and experiences of black queer men within the larger within the Texas community through a series of theatrical peices based on interviews conducted by the creators. Through this initial purpose we hope to uncover a multitude of issues that black gay men face in their everyday lives, while fostering a sense of community through the communal experience. Not only is the goal to promote community, but to start a healing process among black gay men through an organic process. 


The mission of The Mahogany Project is: 


  • To facilitate a dialogue that will focus on issues surrounding the black gay community, which promotes healing within and a conversation on how to overcome and move on as a collective unit. 

  • To link the objectification of the black male body to the stratification of our community through a series of monologues with the intent to highlight years of social oppression from those in power and benefiting from privilege outside the black community and even within. 

  • To utilize prose and poetry, which serve as a cornerstone of our community, to inspire a new generation of social activists, ignite a legion of martyrs to speak up and out about imbalances in our society and community, and invigorate passionate members of the black gay community to take action. 

  • To start a healing process for those within the black gay community that addresses years of unspoken hurt, fear, anxiety, and distrust, through the commonality of the monologues with their experiences. 


Ultimately we would like The Mahogany Project to offer a platform for those who are usually silent, to speak, and tell their experiences to the community in their words, their voice, and in their own way!Joe Anderson Jr. - 

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