Lucky Chaos Theatre Projects

The Austin Asian American Arts Collective (AAAC) was officially incorporated as non-profit in 2011. LuckyChaos Theater is a project of the AAAC. Our mission is to promote original works by artists of Asian descent or works about the Asian American experience especially in performance and visual arts. We want our stories told. We want a place to do it. This is the place.

LuckyChaos Theater Projects produce works by or about Asian Americans as well as other under-represented communities. We hope to increase dialogue about these experiences through the performance arts. Our projects are stories from a different point of view and range from published works to original works including submissions from the community. We explore all mediums including scripted, experimental, improv and movement. Come checkout our shows – every 1st and 2nd weekends of the month at Salvage Vanguard Theater (Studio) – Fri/Sat 8pm and 1st Sat 10pm. “Create Art. Create Identity. Create Possibilities. Play On!” 

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