Past Auditions with Lighthouse Theatre

Auditions for Saint Joan, by Lighthouse Theatre, Georgetown
Jan. 08

Saint Joan is a play by George Bernard Shaw about 15th-century French military figure Joan of Arc. Premiering in …

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Auditions for Joan in SAINT JOAN by George Bernard Shaw, Lighthouse Theatre, Georgetown
Jan. 25 (2020)

Auditions for a role in Saint Joan with Lighthouse Theatre on Jan 25.

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Auditions for SHADOWLANDS, Lighthouse Theatre, Georgetown
Jul. 25 (2019)

C.S. Lewis is an Oxford academic in his 50s, riding high on the success of …

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Auditions for Godspell AND Waiting for Godot, by Lighthouse Theatre
Jan. 19 (2018)

Auditions for a role in Godspell AND Waiting for Godot with Lighthouse Theatre on Jan 19.

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Auditions for J.B., by Lighthouse Theatre
Sep. 08 (2017)

Winner of the 1959 Pulitzer Prize. J.B. is a modern retelling of the story of the …

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